What is Data Visualization and Why is it Important?

Interested in finding out what data visualization is and why it's important?

What is Data Visualization and Why is it Important?

What is Data Visualization?

The presentation of data in a graphical or pictorial format is known as data visualization. Decision makers can see visual representations of data which helps them understand complex concepts or discover new patterns.

Interactive visualizaItion allows you to drill down into charts and graphs for more information and dynamically change what data you see, allowing you to conduct deeper analysis.

Data Visualization Use Cases:

  • Measuring Productivity
  • Getting Perspective on Business Performance
  • Detecting Trends and Changes
  • Track Sales, Leads, and Conversions
  • Reporting on Objectives and Results
  • Getting Alerted When Changes Take Place
  • Combining Multiple Data Sets
  • Custom Calculations to Data
  • Reporting to Clients and Monitoring Accounts

Why is it Important?

It is simpler to visualize vast amounts of complex data using charts or graphs than it is to pore over spreadsheets or reports, simply because of the way the human brain processes information. Data visualization is a quick, simple technique to communicate ideas in a universal way.


Data visualization is a permanent trend. To investigate vast amounts of information, particularly big data, it is essential to utilise data visualization tools in order to lay a solid basis for analysis and to construct a narrative of your analytical results.

Data visualisation strategies are being implemented in order to make businesses truly data driven.